Our Philosophy

Dreamland Homes, LLC, strives to make the process of getting to your end goal and dreams as simple and enjoyable as possible in a timeline that is right for you.

Our Story

Dreamland Homes LLC is the result of passion for helping others get to a better place.

Will Silva has a background in real estate, business consulting, electrical engineering, computer consulting, spiritual awareness, and life coaching. These passions combined resulted in  starting up a real estate investment company that strives for integrity, professionalism and looking out for the well being for all of our clients.

Clara I. Solis has a background in Business Accounting, Real Estate, Interior Design, and a passion for care giving for the community and the elderly. Her passions combined led her to undertake the journey of improving communities through the vehicle of a real estate investment company.

Together we have built a company built on integrity, professionalism, and a spirit that strives for the success of our clients.

After years of real estate rental experience, real estate sales and real estate purchasing, we decided to put together Dreamland Homes, LLC to assist those striving towards specific real estate goals and dreams.

We look forward to working with you, if you are looking to reach specific goals in your real estate journey.

Meet the Team

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Founding PArtner & President

Clara Ines Solis

Founding Partner & President

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Wilfredo F. Silva

Founder & CEO

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DLH Team


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